If you are grieving the loss of a baby, you are not alone. Parents form a bond with their children long before birth and often feel an intense loss when their unborn baby dies due to miscarriage or stillbirth. Regret, pain, and guilt following abortion are common. You are not alone and your emotions are normal and very real.

When a child is miscarried, aborted, or survives only a short time after birth there is often no memorial service, no grave to grieve over or to even mark their existence. Parents are often left with unresolved emotions and with no appropriate outlet for expression.

Acknowledging your child as a real person, as one who existed and who lives on in heaven will help you find closure. Recognizing the need for such a place and out of a burden for the many who struggle with unresolved grief, the Unborn Baby and Infant Memorial has been established at 125 East Plant Street in Winter Garden, Florida. Situated under a stately oak on the campus of the First Baptist Church, it provides a place to remember your child, to give them identity, to acknowledge their brief life and to deal with your personal loss.

In the near future, this web site will provide information about the Unborn Baby & Infant Memorial, and share resources that are available to assist you in your recovery. Grief and anger are among the emotions you may experience. If you have not found help, please refer to our Resources page where you will find information to assist you with healing.

If you would like for us to keep you informed about the construction of the Unborn Baby & Infant Memorial, please complete the contact form on the Contact Us page.